Rentals Now Available



Small locker
$5 ($2 refund when key returned)

Large Locker
$6 ($2 refund when key returned)


  1. Key allows all day use.
  2. If the Key is lost, stolen or not returned the same day, you will not receive a replacement or receive your deposit back.


Single Tube 

Double Tube 
$8 ($2 refund when tube returned)

Triple Tube
$8 ($2 refund when tube returned)

Speed Mat
$8 ($2 refund when tube returned)

*Double/Triple/Speed Mats may be interchanged all day at no extra cost.


  1. It is your responsibility to look after your tube. Each tube is named for your convenience
  2. If your tube is lost or stolen it will not be replaced and you will not receive your deposit back. 
  3. Tube must be returned to receive your deposit back.