WaterWorks Park is the day-cation destination this summer!

WaterWorks Park offers terrific ticket discounts for your members or employees through our consignment ticket program. There are no upfront costs with our consignment program; simply pay for the tickets you use and return the rest with no minimum required.

Traditional Consignment Program


Your company or organization contracts with WaterWorks Park to sell discounted tickets to your members or employees. After you place your order with us, tickets will be mailed or delivered to your organization. Members or employees can purchase these tickets from you directly at the discounted rate. You can order additional tickets if you run out and any unsold tickets can be returned at the end of the season.


WaterWorks Park brochures, posters and group information is also available at your request free of charge to hand out to members or employees.


Interested in having WaterWorks Park all to yourself?  Your company or organization can receive a discount on exclusive rental of the park.

Online Consignment Ticket Program

We also offer the option to purchase tickets directly from our website. This eliminates the exchange of tickets, handling of money and allows members to purchase tickets at any time. Your organization contracts with WaterWorks Park to offer the consignment tickets. WaterWorks Park will provide you with a password that can be distributed directly to all members through HR, newsletters, intranets, etc.

Members can purchase tickets from the WaterWorks Park website by entering the provided password at the time of purchase. The tickets are delivered instantly and may be used any day throughout WaterWorks Park current operating season.


Contact the Group Sales Department today for details at or 530-246-9550 ext. 102.