I am disabled; do I need to pay admission?

Yes, persons with disabilities are still required to have either a season pass or daily ticket to enter the park. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to call the independent living services (530) 242-8550.

How do I get there from Eureka?

Take 299E then turn left on Market Street. Cross the river, go up the hill and turn right on Lake Blvd. Then go ¼ mile and turn left at the second light. WaterWorks Park is on the left hand side.

How do I get there from North or South of Redding?

On Interstate 5 take exit 680.


Can I bring in my food, drinks, or water bottles?

No outside food or drink is allowed in the park, but a shaded picnic area is available outside for your convenience. You may bring in a reusable hard plastic or metal empty container for free ice water refills all day. 

*Update: The picnic area is not available due to renovations and the addition of Cowabunga Beach. 

can I bring in my own umbrella or shade structure?

No outside umbrella or shade structures are allowed in the park. There are plenty of shaded seating areas available to use. If you require a private shaded space cabanas and day beds are available to rent. 

can I bring in my own pool floaties?

No outside pool floaties are allowed in the park, except water wings and USCG approved lifejackets.

Why do I have to pay $10 for a replacement pass?

The $10 charge is designed to offset the expense of film, season pass supplies, data entry, and cancellation of the old pass.

Is there a family rate?

We do not have a family rate, but you may wish to consider a season pass which pays for itself in just a few visits or, organize a group and call the office for the group rate. 

Is there a half-day rate?

We have a Twilight rate that starts 3 hrs prior to closing and is less than a full day ticket. Please see the ticket page for a full list of pricing.

Is the park safe for my children?

We have certified Lifeguards and EMT's and well trained ride operators at every pool. This is a family oriented park.

Can my baby wear diapers in the pool?

Your baby must wear a swim diaper or rubber pants. They are available for purchase in our gift shop if needed.

I got separated from my kids in the park, what do I do?

Please let a lifeguard know or come to the main office. We will help you find them. Before entering the park, choose a designated meeting area if you get separated from them.