In 2000 we built what is now called The Avalanche, an extreme ride but safe for all ages. By 1995 we had known for sometime that tradition of a leisure river would expand our target group and create an activity for parents, grandparents, and grandkids for those who prefer less aggressive recreation. We also increased the much needed water play area in the park. The idea of creating a theme to Tropical Island with a river rounded as a center piece to the park has been burning for years. We had to do it in limited space. We visited a dozen parks and received incredible cooperation, helpful advice, and encouragement. Design incorporates two entry loading bases to enable all tubes to be loaded outside the rivers current. The base has been designed to accommodate handicap lifts that can be used with out struggling with the current. The Lazy Lagoon was finalized in 2003. 


Two fifteen horse power pumps and one seven and half horse power pump drives the ride and the filtration and can be utilized in any combination depending on the time of day or season. The filtration turn time will be between two and half to three hours during the day time. Over the last several years we have changed over the entire theme in the park to tropical which began with the addition of our Lazy Lagoon ride which has palm trees surrounding it. In addition we have a food and beverage facility called the Beach Club Café, The Sand Dollar Gift Shop, and an outdoor barbeque area. In 2005 we added another exciting ride called the Cyclone. We will continue to provide water ride enjoyment for a great price for years to come. 


The future looks bright with several expansions in the pipeline including drop slides, some enclosed flume rides, a wave pool, and a family entertainment center. The park is a major tourist destination for Northern California and especially Redding with over fifty percent of the parks day sales coming from tourists. The park is continuing to look at additional venues for the facility during the off season from Labor Day through Memorial Day. With several boat shows, RV shows, and other events to utilize its extensive parking.